Types of Roof Maintenance Programs

No one would ever think that you could buy a car and never have to change the oil or put air into the tires. The thought of this sounds ridiculous. Obviously, cars need maintenance. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that the same sanerio applies to Roofs. Roofs need maintenance in order to achieve their full anticipated life span.

Without roof maintenance, roof drains can become plugged and cause roofs to cave in. Caulking can crack and cause leakage. Roof mounted equipment can spill contaminants onto the roof. Tenants can improperly install improvements that penetrate the roof. Every year numerous buildings are re-roofed prematurely, simply because they did not have an effective roof maintenance program. A properly designed roof maintenance program can detect problems before they cause damage and can help to extend the life of the roof.

Because every building is different, roof maintenance requirements vary. The type of building, amount of roof mounted equipment, amount of foot traffic, type of drainage, and amount of roof penetrations all influence what roof maintenance is necessary. The Experts at Evans Roofing Company can inspect your roof and recommend a Roof Maintenance Program that fits your needs. Contact Evans Roofing Company and let us help you to get the most out of your roof system.

Roof Preventive Maintenance Programs (Evans RPM)

The best way to keep roof leakage at a minimum is to repair problems before they start to leak. If you call a Roofing Contractor after leakage is reported, the damage has already been done. If the leakage is substantial, the Roofing Contractor might need to make repairs during a raging rainstorm. This can be extremely difficult. Avoid these problems before they occur.

The Roof Maintenance Team at Evans Roofing Company has a simple goal, search the roof and find problems before they develop. Not every problem can be detected in advance. But, we take pride in our track record and strive for perfection.

Every client has different requirements. Some are working on very tight budgets. Some are more concerned with developing a comprehensive program that addresses all aspects of the roof. We tailor our Roof Maintenance Programs to meet your needs. We can develop any type of program, from minimal to extensive. A minimal program could include simply cleaning out the roof drains and giving the roof a quick inspection. An extensive program could involve thorough roof maintenance and a comprehensive inspection that includes our famous “150 Point Checklist”. You tell us what your needs are and we’ll design a program that’s right for you.

Service Agreements (Evans RPM “Blue Label”)

Roof Maintenance is just that, maintenance. It does not include installing the roof. Our maintenance programs are the best in the industry. However, we cannot guaranty that roofs (many of which are installed by others) will not develop any problems. Typically, our Roof Maintenance Programs will include providing one or two free Service Calls, should leakage develop within the first year. This can vary, depending upon how much roof maintenance is performed. If you would like to have a program that includes more than this, we can set up a Roof Service Agreement.

The Roof Service agreement can be designed to meet whatever your requirements are. In general, they are usually based upon unlimited response to repair any leakage might occur. There can be some limitations, but in most cases there are no additional charges for repairing roof leakage. If you would be interested in this, please let us know.