Types of Coating Warranties

An important way to appraise the value of a Roof Coating System is to consider the Warranty. Warranties can be an effective tool in understanding both the benefits and limitations of a particular type of Roof Coating System. The Coating Experts at Evans Roofing Company can assist you in explaining what types of warranties are available. We can also help you to determine what type of warranty is best for your particular needs.

Roofing Contractor Warranties:

A Roofing Contractor’s Warranty is simply a warranty stating the Roofing Contractor’s obligations. Most Roofing Contractor Coating Warranties are usually very limited. In many cases, they do not include repairing roof leakage. Evans Roofing Company’s Standard Coating Warranty includes repairs to leakage caused by either defects in Materials or defects in Workmanship.

Coating Manufacturer’s Warranties:

There are two different types of Coating Manufacturer’s Warranties. One type includes materials only. The other type includes both labor and materials. Evans Roofing Company is certified by all of the major Coating Manufacturers and can supply either of these types of warranties.

What to look for in a Coating Warranty:

  • Does the warranty include repairing roof leaks?
    Unfortunately, this is not the case for most Roof Coating Warranties. Many warranties only cover “premature deterioration” of the roof coatings, not roof leakage. Don’t assume that a “Leak Free” type of warranty covers all leakage. Some of these warranties only cover leakage due to “product failure”, not to defects in labor. Read the fine print. Evans Roofing Company’s Standard Coating Warranty covers leakage caused by defects in either Materials or Workmanship.
  • If the product should fail, what are the remedies?
    Some warranties (even some “Leak Free” warranties) will reimburse you only for the cost of the materials, not for the labor to perform the repairs. Once again, read the fine print. Evans Roofing Company’s Standard Coating Warranty includes the complete repair, not just furnishing materials.
  • If I want more than a Standard Warranty, what are my options?
    Consider Coating Systems that include a Coating Manufacturer’s “Labor and Material” Warranty. This is a premium type of warranty from the manufacturer that usually costs more than a standard warranty. However, it is worth considering. Evans Roofing Company can provide you with a copy of this type of warranty and would be happy to answer any questions related to it.