Hospitality Buildings

Hospitality Buildings consist of Hotels and Motels. Hospitality Operators earn their living by the impression that they make on their guests. When a problem occurs, they need a Roofing Contractor that understands the unique aspects of this trade. It’s imperative that the Roofing Contractor be both invisible and reliable. He needs to get in, perform his work quickly and quietly, and leave before the guest is even aware that there is a problem. When the work is finished, the Hospitality Operator needs to have confidence that the problem has been resolved and that the room is now available for the next guest.

The appearance of the roof can be important, because upper floors can sometimes look down on lower roofs. In such a case, aesthetics are an important issue and need to be addressed whenever significant repair work or re-roofing is being considered.

Typically, the roof area will have HVAC Units, Boiler Units and skylights. Because there are usually a lot of vent pipe penetrations on Hospitality Buildings, these buildings will typically require more roof maintenance than a typical Commercial Building. Roof Inspections and Roof Maintenance should be performed twice a year.